Compact Discs (or CDs) are a digital media on which audio memories are stored. They're often mistaken for young Laser Disks. Not really. But they do look like they could be related.

CDs began rising in popularity after my sister left all of my cassettes in the sun. Each Compact Disc contains 16, 17, or 18 songs, or tracks. Unlike other media, a listener can manually choose which track will play next with buttons.


Compact Discs are played on Compact Disc Players.

Compact Disc Players come in a variety of styles:

  1. Car Compact Disc Players
  1. House Compact Disc Players
Car CD Players come with detachable faces, but House CD Players do not.


Most people keep Compact Discs in a junky compartment in their car, or in an old, black binder. Most stored CDs are labeled with Sharpie pens.

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